Suzanne Boatright, Career Consultant and owner of Targeted Career Solutions was born and raised in Indianapolis. She graduated from Purdue University and has over 25 years of Human Resources experience.  

She has specialized in Talent Acquisition and Employee Relations and has counseled employees throughout her career; specifically in

Team Building and Career Development.  

*Suzanne is both a Certified Predictive Index Consultant and a Strong Interest Inventory Practitoner.




​​​​Corporate Hiring Experience

Suzanne has had a major impact on the hiring needs in numerous companies, including Indiana National Bank, NBD Bank, Irwin Financial Corporation' and First Financial Bank. 

She brings a unique view to career counseling due to her years of hiring individuals for corporations and having the knowledge of what employers are looking for when hiring new associates.

"Helping high school students and second career individuals make informed and better career choices"

Suzanne has also helped many smaller companies who do not have a full time Human Resource staff with their recruiting needs and assisting them by creating a HR infrastructure, doing project work including and addressing compliance issues, exit interviews and coaching and development of associates.

Our Goal

One of the most difficult decisions in life is choosing our career path whether that is as a high school student or an experienced professional looking for the next chapter.  

Each client  is unique and has been influenced and inspired by so many different factors that determine their career decisions. Trying to sort it all out can be a confusing and overwhelming experience.

We believe that only by exploring your interests, passions and career factors can we discover the career path that will bring you the most satisfaction and fulfillment.

Suzanne Boatright, Owner and Consultant of Targeted Career Solutions

Our Vision

She strives to provide a meaningful, efficient service that offers assessments that capture a client's interests, natural tendencies and talents.  

Assessment tools and counseling
will provide a quality and meaningful perspective to high school students, second career professionals or anyone that is needing assistance in taking the next step in their career.   

Our Strength