Client Reviews:

Second Career Professional

Suzanne drew from her strong background as an HR manager: she guided me in tailoring my resume to fit each job description, and prepped me for each interview, walking through potential questions so that I was prepared to share the most relevant aspects of my career experience each time. And finally, when I received an offer, Suzanne was there to review the offer and help identify questions and clarifications before finalizing. Having Suzanne’s professional and caring support helped give me the confidence that things were moving in a good direction (it otherwise could have been a stressful and discomforting process). The end result is more than I had hoped for: a new job that helps achieve some of my life aspirations through my work. I highly recommend Suzanne and Targeted Career Solutions to anyone who is looking for support and guidance through a career change!

Melissa Moran, PE
Community Outreach Coordinator at The Nature Conservancy

High School Student/Career Exploration

Suzanne provided a very personalized approach to investigating my daughters personality traits, areas of academic strengths, possible collegiate majors, and the subsequent school search. The experience has provided all of us with the feeling that we are in control of what at times feels like a very stressful process. I highly recommend Suzanne and everything she brings to this process. After going through Suzanne’s system, I plan to initiate the process for my next child in an effort to establish a solid plan for him that may possibly help with some of his high school course selections, as well as the subsequent college process.

Carmel, Indiana

Professional transitioning to a new job

Suzanne has been a true answer to prayer for me. She is well-connected and very knowledgeable. When I first saw Suzanne, I had no idea where to begin my search. The testing and our discussion of it gave me great insight. Most importantly, Suzanne helped me understand my strengths and crystallize my career accomplishments which gave me the confidence and courage I needed.

I highly recommend her to anyone in any type of career transition!


 S. Taylor, Seasoned Financial Professional

​​Career Counseling Services


This is an outstanding program! I highly recommend it for ANYONE exploring career options. Suzanne is tremendous.  


J. Delucia, father of 3 adult children who utilized Career Counseling services



High School Student/Career Exploration

Navigating the college application process is not easy which is why I am beyond grateful to Suzanne and her team at Targeted Career Solutions for helping us and our daughter through this process. She held our hands through each step of the process making sure we understood what needed to be done every step of the way. There service goes well beyond the high school admissions counselor (which you need these days). From career assessments, college essays, letters of recommendations, working with the university's admission rep, the audition process and so much more, TCS was there to help and guide us. Parents of high school students, this service is so beneficial. You will not regret making this call.



​Carmel, Indiana



College Bound high school students:

I took my oldest daughter to see Suzanne. She came highly recommended by a friend.  After completing the tests and talking with Suzanne, she was able to schedule her freshman classes at IU to follow her strengths.  She has since taken all of this information to her advisor and has now narrowed the path to her chosen career.  The session with Suzanne helped to bypass many steps at the college level and really made my daughter feel good about her choices.

Because I was so happy with Suzanne's approach and abilities, I took my youngest daughter, who is a junior in high school, to see her.  Once again, after testing and consultation, Suzanne was able to help my daughter hone in on her strengths.  She also gave my daughter great advice on how to prepare for college. We will continue working with her when it comes time to fill out college applications.
I am so pleased with the services that both of my daughters received at Targeted Career Solutions.  Suzanne has been a tremendous advocate for both of my daughters!  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for career advisement.  Her knowledge, abilities, and kindness make her an asset to anyone seeking career counseling.

Zionsville, Indiana