FAQ for Targeted Career Solutions


Why Targeted Career Solutions for Career Counseling? 

Our consultant has over 25 years of Human Resources experience specializing in Talent Acquisition and Career Development in the corporate world.  Suzanne is a certified consultant in the Strong Interest Inventory and the Predictive Index assessments.  

High School Students:

​Suzanne will provide career assessments for each student and help them identify careers and majors they should explore and research.  She will help them by providing online resources for them to research and conduct Information interviews with professionals in their interested fields.  She understands the stress and challenges these young adults face and helps them navigate the challenging college application process.

Second Career Professionals:

Suzanne utilizes her many years of Human Resources experience to provide meaningful direction for those who are ready to make a career change and explore other opportunities.  This includes identifying interests and strengths, preparing for your job  search and accountability.
Who should participate in Career Counseling?

  • High school students who are exploring their interests and career choices; whether vocational school, skilled apprenticeships, or college bound.

  • Second career individuals who want to explore other career options or opportunities.

  • Individuals who are looking for direction in their career or educational options.

When are career assessments recommended for high school students?

The Strong Interest inventory can be used as early as 8th grade. However, to be the most useful, it is recommended Sophomore and Junior year of high school.
How much does it cost?

The AtTARGET assessment, which includes the Strong Inventory assessment (tool used to identify a client's interests and possible careers), Predictive Index assessment (a tool to identify an individuals natural tendancies and how they look at the world), high school activity resume and a one-hour counseling and a one hour goal setting session, is $300.00.  * Additional information is provided in the Services section.

How long will the entire Career Counseling process take?

Targeted Career Solutions prides itself by using technology based assessments and scheduling consultations as promptly as possible so the client can get the results to better as​sist them in college or career search. Clients are sent the assessments via email and are provided links to take the Strong Inventory Assessment and the Predictive Index Assessment.  Clients will take the assessment at home on their computer.  Once the client completes the assessment, results are sent immediately to us and a career counseling session is scheduled to meet.  

What is the average time it takes to complete the assessments?

  • 10 -15 minutes for the PI Index Assessment

  • 35 -45 minutes for the Strong Interest Inventory assessment

How long and who should be involved in the meeting?

Usually an hour will be given to go over the Strong Inventory and PI Index results.   For high school clients, the child and at least one parent will participate in the session.  Both parents are encouraged to attend, however, optional.

What other services do Targeted Career Solutions provide?
 Behavior based interviewing training and mock interviewing,extra-curricular resumes, shadowing opportunities and career counseling workshops.

Recruiting services (contract) for small to mid- size business:

Suzanne has had over 25 years of Human Resources experience and has an extensive background in Talent Acquisition.  She has had a major impact on the hiring needs in numerous companies, including Indiana National Bank, NBD Bank, Irwin Financial Corporation' and First Financial Bank.  Please contact us for additional information.