Everyday I see incredible young people come into my office who often are stressed and feel like they are behind the eight ball when it comes to college admissions.

What I see, is uniquely gifted individuals with the world ahead of them and endless possibilities.    

- Suzanne Boatright, Targeted Career Solutions

The Role of the Student, Parent, High School and Career Counselor

There are several stakeholders in the college exploration and application process. The student, parent(s), school counselor/guidance office and the private career counselor. Each student is responsible for knowing their specific high school application process and items that need to be completed for their own school. There is a universal process for college applications however each high school may have their own internal process for ordering transcripts, letters of recommendations and timing of these actions. 

*This is the responsibility of the student and they must be aware and stay up to date of high school information. Students are encouraged to check out their high school guidance page on their school’s website and attend information meetings provided by their counselors. 


You are unique.

You should base your choice on how well a college fits your needs. Don't worry about how it's ranked on a list or how famous it is. The effort you put in and the opportunities you take advantage of once you get there matter more than the college you go to. Once you graduate from college, your achievements and skills will matter most.